Explore Our Bamboo Plants for Sale and Experience the Natural Elegance and Beauty They Bring to Your Outdoor Living Space.

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space into a serene oasis while ensuring privacy and natural beauty? Look no further than The Bamboo Jungle, your trusted destination for premium bamboo plants for sale. With an extensive selection of bamboo plants, we offer you the opportunity to create the perfect sanctuary in your own backyard.

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About Us

The Bamboo Jungle is a well-established bamboo nursery. Open to the Public Via Appointment ONLY that features a collection of the world’s finest non-invasive bamboos. All varieties are grown locally at our landscaped tropical parklands in Ingleburn, NSW.

We also offer a range of tropical plants ideal for hedging and privacy screening to help transform your garden or backyard into your own slice of paradise. Enjoy a browse through our site and be inspired by the variety of plants from our catalogue.

Finally, from The Bamboo Jungle team, we hope to see you soon and learn that your experience has been a positive one. Happy growing!

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Bamboo Privacy Screening

Low-Maintenance Hedging Near You

Browse our extensive collection to discover the best bamboo for screening and privacy. From lumping Bamboo to other top-quality varieties, we offer a range of options to suit your preferences and requirements.

Why Use Bamboo For Screening?

Australia’s living spaces are changing fast, making privacy a challenge in smaller outdoor areas. One way to do this is through planting bamboo — the perfect low-maintenance and easy-care privacy screening solution suitable for any homeowner.

It’s a fast growing plant perfect for novice gardeners and green fingers alike. The Bamboo Jungle offers various bamboo varieties near you that can provide a natural tropical green wall to any size backyard.

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  • Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

    Transform your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat with our best bamboo for screening. The gentle rustling of bamboo leaves in the breeze and the sense of seclusion they offer will transport you to a tranquil paradise. Whether you are unwinding on your patio or enjoying a dip in the pool, our bamboo plants will provide the privacy and beauty you desire.

  • Our Quality And Expertise

    At The Bamboo Jungle, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and the best bamboo for privacy. With years of expertise in bamboo cultivation, we ensure that each plant meets the highest standards of health and vitality. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means you will receive the guidance and support you require to make the best choice for your specific needs.

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